In Omaha, we are surrounded by our history. Walk, bike, or drive through the cobble stoned streets of the Old Market, go up and around downtown, turn north or south, head west or veer east toward the Missouri, and you'll see not only new construction but also the sturdy brick and stone masonry of eras past. Signposts from our shared story, these are the buildings where frontiersmen and women of the Great Plains, builders of railroads, and laborers of stockyards and warehouses lived, worked, and made their marks. Today, there is a spirit of renewal in the air, as old buildings and even whole neighborhoods are being transformed by this community. 

Our mission at Sentinel Development is to play a role in this reimagining of Omaha, to leave our own mark by seeing through a vision for multi-use spaces that add to the vitality and vibrancy of our neighborhoods. We are here to look out for these buildings, these often overlooked gems. Because there is something worth preserving, worth breathing new life into, as we write new chapters to their stories.